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The Campaign defines Real Bread as made with all-natural ingredients, and without the use of any processing aids or other artificial additives.

This might sound simple enough (because it is so simple) but sadly something like 95-97% of the loaves we buy in Britain fail to meet this utterly basic standard.

You can read more about Real Bread here.

You may not want to join the campaign yourself, which is absolutely fine, but please consider asking, when you buy your daily bread, is its baker a member?  If not, it’s possible that your bread contains a whole lot more than you might think (and that whole lot more might be a load of chemicals that aren’t at all nice …) Or perhaps the baker just needs an extra prompt to join that you could give by asking the question.

The Real Bread Campaign isn’t a whacky hippie alternative movement. It’s for everyone who wants bread to be a healthy staple food, free from unnecessary chemical additives to preserve shelf life or speed up the baking process.

Together we CAN bring REAL bread back to every community in Britain!