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1. Product List – August 2017 (changes regularly)

Handmade breads and other items lovingly baked in small batches with time, time and yet more time

Loaves and Hearthbreads Avg Price
British White 400g £2.60
800g £3.80
Plain Wheat and Rye 400g £2.20
800g £3.80
Miracle 400g £2.60
800g £4.50
Wheat and Rye with Tomatoes, Olives and Herbs 400g £2.70
800g £5.00
Rosemary Bread 400g £2.60
1600g £9.50
Rosemary Bread with Olives 400g £2.90
1600g £10.50
Butterful Brioche Loaf (Tin) 800g £6.00
200g £2.50
Wheat and Rye Sourdough Boule 800g £3.40
Wholegrain Wheat Tin 800g £3.20
Wholegrain Spelt Tin 800g £3.40
Rolls and Baps
White Knot 130g £0.60
White Finger 140g £0.70
Wheat and Rye Finger 140g £0.60
Miracle Bap 130g £0.80
Tomato and Olive Bap 130g £0.80
Brioche Bun 90g £1.10
Mini-loaf (white, miracle, rosemary, tomatoes & olives) 90g £0.90
Mini-loaf (brioche) 80g £1.00
Sweet Treats
Proper Teacakes £0.95
(Very) Large Chelsea Bun £1.70
(Very) Large Maple and Pecan Bun £1.80
Loaf Cakes (various) from… £3.70
Apricot and Honey Energy Bars (film-wrapped pack of 2) £2.00
Very large Monkey Bread 1200g £12.00
Vegetarian Savouries
Parsnip & Cashew Nut Roast (2 large portions or 3 – 4 medium portions, foil tray suitable for oven and freezer) £4.90
Slightly Spicy Vegetarian Cheese and Onion Roll £1.50
Individual Savoury Brioche Tart £3.25
Savoury Brioche Tart 12″x9″x11/2 £12.00

Wherever practicable, I use British ingredients.  All flours are  certified organic and milled in the UK from UK grown-grain, with the exception of spelt.  This too, is certified organic and milled in the UK, but the grain is not grown here.

I do not used bleached flours. UK millers are not permitted to bleach flours to make them whiter but much of the white flour that enters the UK from other parts of the world has been chemically bleached.

There is no place in my baking process for so-called ‘flour improvers’.  These are used in most commercially-produced baked products to facilitate machine-processing, reduce production time, expand the dough, inhibit mould growth, extend the shelf-life of the finished product (and so it goes on…).  ‘Flour Improvers’ are not classed as ingredients nor as additives but are deemed in law to be ‘processing aids’ and there is no legal requirement to declare them anywhere at all.

I don’t and won’t knowingly use genetically modified ingredients.