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3. Yeasted Products Information

Please click on the link below to download a list of ingredients in each product that is available as standard throughout the year.

Yeasted Products Information 6

Other products are available at markets (or to collect from my kitchen) and their ingredients are listed on the product information card in each basket at markets.

Please note:

1) All products are made in a kitchen where nuts and seeds are handled. The kitchen is inspected by Environmental Health (Cheshire West and Chester) and has been awarded the top hygiene rating of 5 points. (Susan Jane Tomlin, CH2 4ER)
2) All products are free from undeclared chemical additives. (These are used by most bakers to condition doughs and to extend shelf life, etc. and there is no legal requirement to declare them.)
3) Except for spelts, all items have a minimum average fermentation time of four to sixteen hours.
4) Except where clearly stated, no product listed contains milk or any other dairy product as a recipe ingredient.
5) All-organic alternatives are available on request for most products.
6) Yeast types vary: Fresh bakers’ yeast, dried yeast, ‘wild’ yeast (sourdough) and ‘pate fermentée are all used. This means that the position of yeast in the ingredients (which are listed in weight order) may vary. Please enquire if this of particular interest.
7) None of the flours used in these products are bleached (chlorinated).
8 ) All loaves containing wholemeal wheat or rye flours (in any proportion) meet ‘Real Bread Campaign’ criteria.
9) Salt content – all breads meet or beat the government’s new target for bakers (currently compliance is voluntary) of maximum 1g salt per 100g finished product.
10) Jane’s Handmade Bread does not and will not knowingly use any GM ingredients whatsoever.