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5. Questions and Answers for Private Customers, Shops and Restaurants

Q Are you a registered Food Producer?
A Yes. I am registered with Cheshire West and Chester as Susan Jane Tomlin. My hygiene rating is '5' which is the top score.

Q Where can I buy your bread?
A Visit this website page

Q Is your bread available every day of the week?
A Unfortunately it isn't. I bake every week on Thursday and Saturday mornings and on other days when I am attending a market (see this website page)
I routinely deliver to shops on Thursday and Saturday mornings.
I reserve other days for special orders from trade customers (please contact me).

Q I am a private customer. Can I freeze bread I buy from you?
A Certainly. My bread freezes exceptionally well.
I recommend that you: (a) freeze as soon as possible after purchase in an airtight food-safe plastic bag using the fast-freeze setting; (b) - and this is VITAL for whole loaves and rolls - defrost an airtight bag.

  • If you want to serve a whole loaf warm, defrost as above then pop it into a pre-heated oven (180 to 200 degrees) for about 10 minutes.
  • If you don't want your loaf to be crustier, wrapping in foil will help.
  • If you're freezing rolls that you're only going to want to take out of the freezer one at a time it'd be a good idea to make sure they're not conjoined when you freeze them. If you want to serve them warm, re-heat as loaves (see above) but 5 minutes should be enough.
  • If you slice a loaf before freezing it and only want to take out a few slices, defrost them in an airtight food-safe plastic bag (or similar) if you're going to eat the bread without toasting it. If you want to toast your bread, most toasters have a setting for for frozen sliced bread.
  • Q I would like to become a trade customer. What are your terms?
    A Please contact me. 01244 300761 or

    Q I am a trade customer. Can I freeze bread I buy from you?
    A I have no objection at all if restaurants and cafes freeze my bread before serving to customers.
    I have no objection if shops freeze my bread and sell it from the freezer.
    I would object if any retailer were to freeze my bread, defrost it and then sell it to a customer as though it were fresh from my oven.

    I don't want to freeze my bread. How best should I store it?
    A I've tried everything! Personally, and I know this is contrary to all the advice one ever seems to hear, I think it's best stored in a knotted food-safe plastic bag in the fridge. This way any loaf containing wholemeal wheat or rye flour seems to keep pretty well for about 5 days but obviously, after keeping it's not going to be as it was when fresh from the oven. My white loaves have a shorter life.

    Q Is your bread suitable for dairy-free diets?
    A All my 'standard' loaves and rolls on the Product List page are dairy-free unless specifically stated otherwise. Occasionally, however, I might bake a special bread containing milk / butter / margarine / buttermilk / cheese... This would normally only be available at a Farmers' Market where you can check ingredients on the price card or with me or my staff directly. However, if there's any doubt in your mind, please contact me.

    Q Is your bread safe for people with a nut allergy?
    A I use nuts and seeds in my kitchen so strictly-speaking the answer is 'no'. However, if nuts and/or seeds are included in the ingredients, this will be shown on the product information card in the basket of bread (if you buy directly from me at a market) or on the Yeasted Product List page on this website. If in doubt, please contact me.