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4. Ingredients and Suppliers

Local Free-range Eggs
Award-winning free-range eggs from Heather Kynaston’s ‘gals’ at Nant Ucha Farm near Llangollen

Shipton Mill Flours
My customers indicated in a survey that I conducted at markets in spring 2011 that their strong preference was for flour that is milled in Britain from British-grown grain.  Since then my main flour supplier has been Shipton Mill in The Cotswolds. Almost all of the grain in the flours I use is grown in the UK.   For general information please visit the Shipton Mill Website but bear in mind that there is a different range of flours available to larger customers from those that are available to buy on-line. If you have specific questions about the particular flours I use, please contact me.

Freshly-milled Flour
There’s a strong body of evidence that suggests that flour is substantially more nutritional when consumed within 36 hours of milling. I make no health claims whatsoever for any of my products. However, I have a kitchen mill that I use to stone-grind small quantities of UK-grown certified organic wheat and rye grain for sourdough loaves. Visit The Ethical Shopping Co-op at the Vernon Institute in Saughall any Saturday (9am until noon) to buy and / or to mill some flour yourself to use at home.
Grains available for milling at Saughall are wheat, rye and spelt, all UK-grown and all certified organic.