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Rosemary bread


Broken foot feeling okay so I’m planning a small bake for the market on Chester Town Hall Square on Sat 19 August.


I’ve loved baking for Wirral customers so it’s with very great regret that I have decided to resign from the market.

If you are a customer who is affected by this, please give me a call on 01244 300761.

Neo-nicotinoids, rapeseed oil and bees

For some years I used only UK-grown and processed rapeseed oil in those of my breads that contain oil because I think it’s important to support support UK farming. However, I’ve recently changed to certified organic rapeseed oil from the Republic of Ireland because I’ve been unable to find any UK oil producer at all who will guarantee that neo-nicotinoids (‘neo-nics’) have not been used in the production of UK-grown crop.

Neo-nics are substances that are commonly contained in pesticides. The evidence that neo-nics are harmful to bees is so compelling that the EU has suspended the use of three types of neo-nics in crop production. The UK government, however, refuses to accept the evidence so UK farmers are still using neo-nics. (Who can blame them, while pesticides containing neo-nics remain the most cost-effective form of pest control?)

If you would like to read more on this subject, here are some links:

House of Commons Environmental Audit Report (government has not acted on its own advisers’ recommendations)

Guardian article by Damian Carrington ‘Why the UK will fail to block an EU-ban on bee-harming pesticides’

Observer article by Damian Carrington ‘Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees’

George Monbiot article – The Counter-Enlightenment (how government science advisers mis-represent science)

B&Q and Wickes pledge to remove products from shelves – Guardian article by Fiona Harvey

As yet I haven’t updated other pages of my web-site to reflect this change but I will do so shortly. In the meantime, if you have questions about ingredients or suppliers, please contact me.


Jane’s Handmade Bread does not and will not use genetically modified wheat or other GM ingredients in its products.

DEFRA has granted permission for an outdoor trial of GM wheat at Rothamsted Research in 2012 and 2013.  The crop is genetically modified using a gene from cows. Please read more on the GMFreeze website where you can (1) sign a pledge to register your objection and (2) follow a link to ask your MP to do the same.


The Campaign defines Real Bread as made with all-natural ingredients, and without the use of any processing aids or other artificial additives.

This might sound simple enough (because it is so simple) but sadly something like 95-97% of the loaves we buy in Britain fail to meet this utterly basic standard.

You can read more about Real Bread here.

You may not want to join the campaign yourself, which is absolutely fine, but please consider asking, when you buy your daily bread, is its baker a member?  If not, it’s possible that your bread contains a whole lot more than you might think (and that whole lot more might be a load of chemicals that aren’t at all nice …) Or perhaps the baker just needs an extra prompt to join that you could give by asking the question.

The Real Bread Campaign isn’t a whacky hippie alternative movement. It’s for everyone who wants bread to be a healthy staple food, free from unnecessary chemical additives to preserve shelf life or speed up the baking process.

Together we CAN bring REAL bread back to every community in Britain!

Bring your bottles!

Ethical Food Shopping Cooperative
Every Saturday morning at The Vernon Institute in Saughall 9am until noon
A great range of local produce (includes Jane’s Handmade Bread)

Bring your clean empties to be refilled with:
Ecover washing up liquid;
Ecover laundry liquid;
Ecover multi-purpose cleaner;
Ecover floor cleaner;
Shropshire rapeseed oil;
Spitting Feathers ale;
Aspells organic cyder vinegar.

Success in the 2011 North West Fine Foods Awards!

Earlier this month I entered three products (the maximum permitted) in the the 2011 North West Fine Foods Awards and I was surprised and delighted to receive an award of excellence for each!

My winning products are:

Congratulations to The Great North Pie Company’s main man, Neil Broomfield, whose Tasty Lancashire Cheese, Caramelised White Onion and Pine Nuts Pie wowed all the judges! He is the ultimate winner, and North West Fine Foods’ ‘Supreme Champion 2011′.

I’m looking forward to the next Farmers’ Market at Abbey Leys Organic Farm (Sunday 3 July), where Neil and I have neighbouring stalls. I’ve already reserved my pie and I suggest you do the same! Neil’s contact details are: tel: 07989 428 294 and email:

Cheshire Life April 2011

Handmade breads from Hoole Village are on the rise. Cheshire Life, April 2011.

Home Deliveries

These are now limited to the elderly and house-bound and at the minute I’m not able to accept new customers. Orders can, however, be collected from my home on Thursdays / Saturdays (and sometimes on other days) by arrangement.