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Broken foot feeling okay so I’m planning a small bake for the market on Chester Town Hall Square on Sat 19 August.


I’ve loved baking for Wirral customers so it’s with very great regret that I have decided to resign from the market. If you are a customer who is affected by this, please give me a call on 01244 300761.

Neo-nicotinoids, rapeseed oil and bees

For some years I used only UK-grown and processed rapeseed oil in those of my breads that contain oil because I think it’s important to support support UK farming. However, I’ve recently changed to certified organic rapeseed oil from the Republic of Ireland because I’ve been unable to find any UK oil producer at all [...]

Home Deliveries

These are now limited to the elderly and house-bound and at the minute I’m not able to accept new customers. Orders can, however, be collected from my home on Thursdays / Saturdays (and sometimes on other days) by arrangement.