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If orders make baking viable, the following items will be available for collection from my kitchen on Sunday 12 July (or delivery may be possible):

400g Miracle Bread – £2.90

Miracle baps (in bags of four) – £3.00

400g Traditional White – £2.50

400g Rosemary Bread – £3.00

570g Borodinsky Wholegrain Rye Soourdough tin loaf (with coriander seeds) – £3.40

220g Butterful Brioche loaf – £2.50

Teacakes (in bags of four) – £3.70

Giant Chelsea Buns – £1.80 each

Apricot energy bars with pecan nuts and local raw honey from Mickle Trafford – £2.50 per pack of two

Traditional Bara Brith – £4.00

Harry’s Cake (for lovers of nuts and ginger) – £16.00 per kg. Whole cakes cost between £7.50 and £9.00.  Half-cakes are also available. I will confirm an exact price on your invoice, after weighing your order.

Walnut pie – £3 per slice

Savoury brioche tart with tomatoes and basil – £13 per whole round tart (approx 25 cm dia x 4cm deep),  £7 per half tart, £3.60 per quarter tart. One quarter is sufficient for two portions. Will keep in your fridge until 15 July or can be frozen.

Collections from my kitchen on Sun 12 July between 12 noon and 4pm (following confirmation from me that I can fulfil your order).  If you haven’t been here before I will give details of how to find me when I confirm your order. Payment in cash* for orders under £20  - please pop the exact amount into an envelope marked with your name. Optional payment by BACS for larger orders (please say when placing your order if you wish to pay by BACS).

* Please don’t worry about paying me in cash – it will all be dropped into a bowl of disinfectant before it’s handled.

Deliveries on Sun 12 July: I will try to deliver to addresses reasonably close by but I could need some help. Please say when you order if you need a delivery and contact me soon if you’re willing to volunteer to deliver.

To order please contact me as soon as possible

by e-mail to or ring me on 01244 300761. (Please don’t order via Facebook.)

Harry’s Cake – for lovers of nuts and stem ginger