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BAKING SATURDAY AUGUST 29 for Chester Indoors Market and collections from my home

Mary will be selling for me in Chester Indoors Market approx 1000 – 1400. My usual table (C26) opposite the Lego display.

Orders can be collected from my home between 1300 and 1500 (or from Mary as above).

Delivery can be arranged in or close to Chester (volunteers will be appreciated).

400g Miracle Bread – £2.90

Miracle baps (in bags of four) – £3.00

400g Traditional White – £2.50

400g Rosemary Bread – £3.00

570g Borodinsky Wholegrain Rye Sourdough tin loaf with coriander seeds – £3.40

220g Butterful Brioche loaf – £2.50

Teacakes (in bags of four) – £3.70

Giant Chelsea Buns – £1.80 each

Apricot Energy Bars with pecan nuts and local raw honey from Mickle Trafford – £2.50 per pack of two

Apple Cake with apples from my garden – £2.50 per pack of 2 portions

Harry’s Cake (for lovers of nuts and ginger) – £16.00 per kg. Whole cakes cost between £7.50 and £9.00.  Half-cakes are also available.

Walnut Pie – £3 per slice

Savoury Brioche Tart with tomatoes and basil or with broccoli and stilton- £13 per whole round tart (approx 25 cm dia x 4cm deep),  £7 per half tart, £3.60 per quarter tart. One quarter is sufficient for two portions. Will keep in your fridge until Tues 1 Sept or can be frozen.

Everything I’m offering can be frozen. Always defrost in an airtight bag to reduce staling.

To order please contact me as soon as possible

by e-mail to or ring me on 01244 300761. (Please don’t order via Facebook.)