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I’m baking on Saturday 28 November for collections from my home between 2pm and 4pm.  I’m in Hoole Village and if you haven’t been here before I will send directions when I confirm your order.

If you want to buy my bread in town there should be a few loaves at  The Neighbourhood Bakehouse on Saturday 28 Nov.  It’s in Upper Northgate Street where The Granary Health Food Shop used to be.  It’s owned by Catherine, whom you might know from Baked in Hoole (now Little Yellow Pig).   Sorry but I can’t accept orders for collection at TNB just now. Might be possible in the future. Watch this space.

I won’t be supplying Just Footprints this week as lockdown has made footfall in Chester Forum too unpredictable.  Hopefully we’ll get back to something approaching normal in December. Debbie and her daughter, Millie, at Just Footprints are on a mission to make a difference for the good of our planet and generations to come. If you don’t already know about their shop, please visit their website and order on-line or shop in person.

Long-standing customers still ask for the Giant Scotch Eggs that I used to sell at markets and I’m pleased to tell you that, all being well, they will be making a return on Saturday.  I doubt I shall be making many of them and probably not very often so please order soon!

Taste Cheshire wasn’t able to hold a market on Chester Town Hall Square this month due to Covid restrictions  but will hopefully be back there in December with Mary selling for me in my usual spot.  Meanwhile, click here to visit the  new Taste Cheshire Virtual Christmas Market

For Sat 28 Nov I’m planning to bake the following:


400g Traditional White – £2.50

800g Traditional White – £3.80

400g Miracle Bread – £3.00

Miracle baps (in bags of four) – £3.00

400g Wheat and Rye with olives and sun-dried tomatoes – £3.00

REAL SOURDOUGH BREAD (means naturally leavened without bakers’ yeast)

570g ‘Borodinsky’  Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Sourdough tin loaf with coriander seeds – £3.40

800g Wholegrain Wheat and Rye tin – £3.40


Teacakes (in bags of four) – £3.80

Giant Chelsea Buns – £1.80 each


Apricot Energy Bars with walnuts and local raw honey from Mickle Trafford – £2.50 per pack of two bars. Will keep in the fridge until mid January.

Harry’s Cake (for lovers of nuts and ginger) – £16.00 per kg. Whole cakes cost between £7.50 and £9.00.  Half-cakes are also available.  Harry’s Cakes is a great alternative to a traditional Christmas Cake.  Will keep in the fridge until end January at least.

Walnut Pie – a whole pie costs £24 and will easily keep in the fridge until the end of January.   Or you can choose any number of slices for £3 each. 1 slice is 1/8 of a pie and is easily enough for two portions.  If you order more than one slice I will supply them in one piece so that you can choose yourself where to cut. Whole pies or slices can also be frozen for up to 6 months.

My 11 months-matured, nut-free, hand-made-with-love Christmas Cakes are now on the brandy and getting seriously boozy.  I sell them by finished weight at £15 per kg including a cardboard gift box for larger cakes (+/- 1kg).  You can choose a plain cake to decorate yourself or a cake finished with your choice of fruits and nuts (as shown in the picture).  I also have little cakes that I make in baked bean tins and these are popular  as gifts, especially for older people. They cost £4.50 – £5.00, gift-wrapped in cellophane.  There is a small reduction on all prices if you supply your own tin when collecting your order (means I will supply your cake/s without any kind of wrapping).  I will advise you on storage to help you decide the date on which you wish to collect (or receive delivery of) your cake. £5 deposit secures a larger cake. No deposit needed for the individual cakes. Please order early, especially if you want a cake that weighs less than 1kg.


Giant Scotch Egg:  an XL Cheshire free-range egg wrapped with Pen-y-Lan rare breed pork to which I add a touch of Chinese 5-Spice then coat with my own crumbed handmade bread  before frying in vegetable oil. £3.20 each. Will keep in your fridge until Tuesday 1 December lunch-time. Can be eaten cold but they are decidedly better served hot, in my opinion, so that the bread-crumbs are nice and crispy. Place in a pre-heated oven approx  200 degrees (190 degrees fan) for a full 20 mins.

Savoury Brioche Tart with tomatoes and basil or with broccoli and stilton. Whole rectangular tart – £13 (approx 30 x 20 x 2.5 cm).  Half rectangular tart £7. Quarter rectangular tart £3.60.  (No round tarts this week.) One quarter is sufficient for two portions. Will keep in your fridge until Wednesday 2 December or can be frozen.

Individual potato-topped pie with minced beef and onions – £3.20 each or £6 for 2. Will keep in your fridge until Wednesday 2 December or can be frozen.

Individual potato-topped pie with mild aubergine curry (suitable for vegans) £3.20 each or £6 for 2. Will keep in your fridge until Wednesday 2 December or can be frozen.

To order please contact me as soon as possible

by e-mail to or ring me on 01244 300761. (Please don’t order via Facebook.)